Friday, 27 May 2016

Diana Moonie I

Diana Moonies' graduate show has a table of crockery and a welcome smile from the artist, as she invites you to stand on her wobble-board and make the pottery sing to your own footsteps. "find the sweet spot" Diana invites, and sweet spots everyone found with joy.

"Old, unloved, thrown away resources become a vehicle for me to communicate a range of emotional and aesthetic intentions. These are often connected to seeing my own place in the universe, explored through multiple layers of thoughts, actions, and desires."  Diana Moonie

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Megan Hughes

Megan Hughes is another graduate of textiles at Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone art college. This department always impresses me with the quality of the research, sketch books and development work that the students undertake. Megan's insect legs and insects are just fantastic full of character and humour and great as a springboard for unique design.

"I visited the D’arcy Thomson Museum to collect visual information on bugs and other insects, this drew me to engage with tiny things with weird characteristics. It was a rare occasion which gave me the chance to be able to examine lives which are smaller than a penny yet hold such rich visual information. These creatures are limited edition living jewels. Having the chance to photograph and observe these microscopic characters allowed me to become aware of their impacting sensitivity and a wide spectrum of colours within their textured shells. I was mainly drawn to the strange shapes which make up their alien bodies and abstract textures on their hard backs. I dissected the images of them to understand motifs and textures, these tiny details helped me build back up an image of strangeness through irregular compositions. As a print and surface designer, my aim is to capture the sensitivity shown in my mark making and really put an emphasis on the quality of developing manually, to keep the tradition of hand techniques." Megan Hughes

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Caitlin Bowbeer

I met Caitlin Bowbeer yesterday at the Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show in Dundee.  Caitlin is dynamic, personable and utterly charming. I loved her hand bound book of 'A Miscellany of Medical Mishaps' with its enigmatic illustrations and poetry that reminded me of the crazy thoughts and books of Ivor Cutler.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Adrien Parlange

In the book 'L' Enfant Chasseur' Adrien Parlange has created a book who's content changes when you put the profile of a child into the pictures. 

A child's profile printed in cerise on acetate is provided, with registration marks that you find and match in each illustration and like a jigsaw puzzle you piece together the child's imaginings during a walk.
Adrien Parlange uses minimalist Matisse cutout style illustrations and strange registration signs (circle, arrow, square, curve segment) to direct the reader to position the transparent head of the child.
In this way, the picture becomes animated the layered color changing the perception and revealing silhouettes of the shark, squirrel or fox.

Published by Albin Michel Jeunesse 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Gémeo Luís I

 The beautiful shredded windswept papercut imaginings of  illustrator, graphic designer Gémeo Luís.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hoda Hadadi II

Illustrations by Hoda Hadadi for 'Sara the Apple Jam and the River' by Seyyed Navid Seyyed Ali Akbar. These illustrations are composed of layered gauze papers, stitch and pencil and paint.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Yuriko Ogawa

These are some illustrations that I found at the illustration wall in Bologna. Yurico Ogawa is studying animation at the Royal College of Art, her illustrations are very intricate and delicate.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Zhila Hodaee I

Zhila Hodaee was another discovery from this year's Bologna Children's Book Fair. This award-winning Iranian illustrator has a unique style and I am not sure how she has achieved the effect in these works, possibly bleach or reductive print. Zhila was born in 1954 and has many published books, but unfortunately I was unable to find a website.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Emilio Cresciani

Photographer Emilio Cresciani works with the ignored and unnoticed  be it; portraits of waste, the landscape of nightime road maintainence or the beauty of bird poo.
Flight Patterns, "These works explore the idea that beauty is all around us and in places that we least expect it. Each black and white photograph highlights the patterns and textures of bird droppings on different pavements. I became fascinated by the delicate patterns, creamy white textures and circular shapes and sprays during a visit to Venice, Italy and I noticed that over time the patterns fade or are added to with more layers and sprays.The patterns are a landscape overlaid onto another landscape – the brick pavements, concrete slabs and wooden boards that we walk on each day. The splats contrast the straight lines of the pavements. This work continues my interest in waste and finding beauty in the overlooked aspects of our lives." Emilio Cresciani

Sue Mitchell

'One Day I looked down' is a project by Sue Mitchell in 2012 during a years art sabbatical, Sue was photographing trees and looked down observing some other interesting imagery.
Sue embellishes her bird poo sightings with found objects, sticks, leaves and pebbles to 'draw out' the image.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"We are all mad here"

Above the White Rabbit, Below, The Caterpillar 

Below: Alice

I have been interpreting 'Alice in wonderland through bird poo making tiny adjustments with photoshop to achieve more of a likeness, hope I find a cheshire cat soon to add to this collection.